Wednesday, August 6, 2008

7 Days Before Beijing

Gravity is pulling me around the world.

A particular form of gravity, that is...

Not the usual force that holds things like refrigerators, and sofas, and people and dogs in their usual grounded position,

The force that's making me leave town next week is the gravity of a story of an unusual (and awesome) athlete who will soon step onto the international platform.

I'm going to Beijing to follow the life of USA superheavyweight weightlifter Cheryl Haworth: one of history's masters in the practice of outwitting gravity.

This blog will record my experience of traveling, documenting, and engaging with forces, places, (and sometimes people) larger than myself...

I leave on August 12 - arriving Beijing on the 13th.


Pamela said...

squiggs says gravity is relative to the ratio of your accordion/leg/neck/nose measurements.

jesikah maria ross said...

Turned on the Olympics last night and thought of you. Wondered what this must be like...such a key moment in the project and a milestone--i'm sure--in your mediamaking career. Sending my best to you and Cheryl and hope to tune in and watch!

Lynn Ellen said...

Julie, I am so excited for you, for Cheryl, and for the rest of us who will benefit so much for your collaboration and your own artistic talent in bringing this story to the world.

After spending more time with you at ASDAH, I am intrigued by your work. And I feel like I have one degree of separation from Beijing and the olympics. I am also frustrated that I have not seen Cheryl in any of the televised promotions for athletes from the U.S. sigh.

Oh, and Have Fun!