Thursday, August 21, 2008

Admiring in Lijiang

I've fallen from the sky into some kind of heaven here in Lijiang. 

Sarah can't believe how lucky I am to be greeted with this day: the first sun in many, many days, and only the second time in 2 months that Sarah has seen the "Snow
 Mountain" in the distance.

Next door to this artists' complex called Lijiang Studios are some Naxi neighbors, one of whom is an adorable old woman known simply as "Grandma." 

When she came over this morning to get some water I believe, Sarah introduced her to me and she immediately responded to Sarah with the clear observation stated in Naxi language (or was it Chinese?) but still totally comprehensible to me: "Her butt is bigger than yours." To which I agreed heartily.

Shortly thereafter, Grandma came back with breakfast - a stack of flatbread, and talked to us, pointing to my butt. I imagined that she said something like, "your butt is hungry, and very large. Please eat some breakfast." And she seemed very pleased when I did a little butt-shaking dance to indulge her. We understand each other, Grandma and I.

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