Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Hitting the Ground

not exactly running... time is passing quite slowly since Anne and I got off the plane and entered into a world of being passed off among a total of 4 different translator/ assistant people from the company that's renting us our apartment.
Amidst it all - an adventure at a gigantic seafood restaurant where turtles, eels, and other things swam live awaiting the kill alongside baskets of fresh veggies and dumplings, also offering themselves up for the slaughter at reasonable rates.
We chose some tofu that ended up to be amazing and both fluffy and custardlike at the same time but crispy on the outside and bok choi (which is not referred to as such in chinese, fyi) and a huge plate of these amazing dumplings.
first things first: of course my first post must detail the food experience.
Oh, one more thing: as we were eating our table was attended by about 3 people, one of whom kept making subtle rearrangements in the location of our various serving dishes on the table... Not sure exactly whether she was going for symettry or something else... but it added to the sense of being somewhere new...
now in a crazy smokey internet cafe (nice addition to the campfire smell of the air here...) waiting for firefox to download so that I can read my mobile me mail. Mobile me unless you're in China or somewhere that still uses internet explorer... oy.
signing off - one world one dream!


Dan Bummer said...

Julie! Glad to hear you made it there OK. I can't wait to see the stuff you shoot! Good luck -

Oh, and here's the trailer for that bodybuilder film I worked on:


Pamela said...

first night of family fun here! raviolis went over well...we miss you! xoxo, pammy and rich, traudel, ruthie, becca, zach, sammy, jule, mom and dan

Susanne Rockwell said...

Julie, your description of your seafood restaurant reminded me of a mystery novel I just read, "Red Mandarin Dress" by Shanghai poet and translator Qui Xiaolong. Food as a pyschological ploy to get the bad guy! Can't wait to read more of your observations in China.

IAmJulieWyman said...

THANK YOU for these comments! keep em coming - they're so great to get. Happy Scotti Time! I celebrate remotely!